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KA Sails Killer 2018

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Control, Speed and Power are the main objectives in describing the focus of our... mehr
Produktinformationen "KA Sails Killer 2018"

Control, Speed and Power are the main objectives in describing the focus of our dedicated design team when framing up the KA Sail Killer for 2018, our killer wave weapon!


The 5-batten set-up of the KA KILLER guarantees maximum stability and wind range, allowing you to commit your focus 100% to riding the wave!

For 2018, we have completely redesigned the KILLER! With refined placement of materials to reduce swing weight, the 2018 KILLER is as light as ever, but a 2nd vertical

shaping panel was re-introduced for improved draft stability. Also, a 4 mil X-Ply has been introduced to the bottom panel for maximum durability.

The outline of KILLER has been “tweaked” with leech scallops which have been added to minimise any leech flutter when sailing overpowered. A leech cut-away introdu- ced just below batten four increases the reflex at this batten, resulting in a softer transition of power when sheeting in and better control in rough water.

KILLER comes in 2 different constructions: blue/yellow with a Monofilm window, which seriously improves your vision when you are sailing DTL, looking into the setting sun. Perfect for when you’re out all alone

scoring that one last wave! Red/yellow is a bombproof 100% X-ply construction.


Our design team paid special attention to maintaining the reputation of the Killer for 2018 as a unique extension of your style with a unique look and feel.


KILLER has become even more lethal in 2018! Thanks to the complete overhaul, features like stability, durability and per- formance have been seriously improved upon. You will also experience more po- wer, yet with a subtle soft touch not easy to forget!

The ergonomic features of the KILLER are in perfect balance to allow you to drive down the wave with speed to burn. Engaging fully committed rail-to-rail turns becomes child’s play...

Turn, smack, gouge, repeat!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that we sacrificed strength to gain weight savings. We have well and truly busted that myth! As every season, we gave our R&D team strict orders to try and destroy one of the prototypes. They put themselves right in the impact zone of some of Western Australia’s heaviest reef and shore breaks ... the only thing that came out broken was their ego! KILLER is built to last and take the heavy hits!

If you’re looking for a great all-round wave sail for use in a wide range of conditions, KILLER is your best choice!

The KILLER is an awesome all-round wave weapon, responding to any- thing you throw at it!


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