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Goya Mark Pro Freerace 6 Batten 2019

Goya Mark Pro Freerace 6 Batten 2019
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Mark   Pro Freerace   6 Batten   Racing speed made simple. The Mark Pro Freerace... mehr
Produktinformationen "Goya Mark Pro Freerace 6 Batten 2019"

Mark Pro
Freerace 6 Batten


Racing speed made simple. The Mark Pro Freerace sail is easy to tune and even faster to rig thanks to its widened mast sleeve and camless layout.

Delivering impressive low end torque and acceleration combined with easy handling when super powered, the Mark Pro allows you to focus on your line and tactics rather than managing your sail. Super lightweight 6 batten build plus truncated boom length give the Mark Pro a compact, light, easy feeling as you accelerate, when you are powered up at speed and through high speed technical transitions around the mark. It is best paired with a freerace or dedicated racing board.

The secret to the Mark Pro’s great feeling is in the heart of the sail, the profile, twist and release. A little more shape forward, a smooth transition, and a smooth and clean release, particularly in the leech area just above the boom. The Mark Pro has a more neutral feel when powered up, and when the big gust hits, it stays settled.

Available in 5.4, 5.8, 6.2, 6.6, 7.2, 7.8, 8.5 square meters.

Available in Pro Monofilm construction.

Available in yellow & black.


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