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Gaastra SPARK 2018 Kite

Gaastra SPARK 2018 Kite
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  • GASPK19.4.C3
SPARK 2018 The easiest way to go big! The Spark is packed with performance to make the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Gaastra SPARK 2018 Kite"

SPARK 2018


The easiest way to go big! The Spark is packed with performance to make the most of every session.

The Spark is designed to be the perfect freeride kite which lets you go for bigger airs than ever before. The 2018 Spark will let you focus on your kiting, not your equipment.

A refined profile improves response and opens the wind range even further. You have more power in low wind and more control than ever before when conditions get tough. The three strut construction offers a stable and easy to control kiting experience. With power and control at your fingertips flying high as simple as it can be and incredibly easy relaunch makes the kite the perfect choice for riders looking to progress their kiting. Don´t spend your sessions fighting your kite from the water.

The Spark is a best seller loved by beginners and pro´s alike. Many of our top riders choose the Spark when conditions are less than ideal and they need a kite they can rely on.


|  Precise Bar feedback
|  High Boost potential
|  Flat Profile for maximum upwind performance
|  3 Strut construction optimises light wind performance
|  High tech lightweight construction for minimum weight and maximum durability


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