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Tona JOY RIDE Kiteboard

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Joyride – Because it really is simply a joy to ride this board! The all new Joyride is... mehr
Produktinformationen "Tona JOY RIDE Kiteboard"

Joyride – Because it really is simply a joy to ride this board!

The all new Joyride is the first dedicated freeride board by Tona. Featuring a full length wood and carbon fiber core we believe the Joyride offers the perfect blend you get with the natural feel of a wood core, and lightweight carbon fiber to add the right amount of playful pop and torsional strength to ride fast with great edge control. The rounded outline, subtle concave and soft rail shape give it the smoothest ride in tough chop and any conditions you’ll face.

Available in 4 sizes, (132, 136, 139) the largest 145 x 45 Joyride XL is unique. It offers a second row of inserts with a 1″ offset to the heel edge. For new riders and light wind cruising this allows the rider to choose a set up with extra heel edge pressure on a wider board – so that big cruiser won’t feel so big, and upwind performance is greatly improved.

For a board that is light, fast, with great pop and incredibly smooth to ride in any conditions – choose the Joyride.


UND DAS BESTE ZUM SCHLUSS: Für € 569,- kommt das Board komplett mit den neuen TONA Slippas (Pads & Straps) 



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