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Tona FLOW 2.0 Kiteboard

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The Flow 2.0  When Andre got together with Dereck to develop his signature board he wanted... mehr
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The Flow 2.0 

When Andre got together with Dereck to develop his signature board he wanted something that not only met his demands of throwing aerial tricks, but also reflected his style and love of surfing. This meant coming up with something that gives a lot of pop but also allows for smooth rail-to-rail transitions and carving ability. Together they developed the bottom shape they dubbed the “hourglass concave”. A unique design that when combined with Dre’s preferred rocker line, created something that has great pop and superb turning ability while also offering soft landings and a smooth ride in choppy conditions.

“There are no major changes to the actual board design. Instead of trying to re-invent the wheel every year we focus on just refining the Pop and Flow’s best qualities that riders have grown to love – Strength and predictability. I’m always tweaking the glass lay up to improve the flex pattern, but other than that and killer new graphics, it’s the same great ride with a fresh look! ” … Dereck
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