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Flysurfer Flydoor6 Kiteboard

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FLYDOOR6 Freeride , Lightwind, School The FLYDOOR6 is efficient,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Flysurfer Flydoor6 Kiteboard"



Freeride, Lightwind, School

The FLYDOOR6 is efficient, light and forgiving – the personification of a light wind board. The shape allows for playful riding, goes upwind easily and offers a highly comfortable ride with very good planing characteristics. Increase your number of days on the water and experience pure riding comfort in the lightest breeze.

SKILLS Beginner +
SIZES 159x45
TERRAIN Flydoor5-Terrain

FLYDOOR6… keep going!


Efficiency is critical in light wind riding – we focus on performance in product design to get you out as often as possible on the water. The FLYDOOR6 core is based off a solid paulownia wood core with an tailored double concave, which cleverly contributes to weight optimization and early planing. The asymmetric outline lets you cut through choppy water with ease. The adapted flex, improves the edge grip of the board as the wind increases. The FLYDOOR6 board line is designed for those who want to maximize their time on the water not only with relaxed lightwind cruising.

Playful and forgiving, with excellent planing characteristics and effortless upwind performance, developed for those wanting to make the most of light winds.

FLYDOOR6159 x 45
Length (cm) 159
Width (cm) 45
Weight (kg) 3.8
Core Material Full Wood Core
Fins 4x 5cm G10
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