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Eleveight MASTER C+ 2020 Kiteboard

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  • ETT20MCP136
/ PERFORMANCE Features ?   Super lightweight performance freestyle... mehr
Produktinformationen "Eleveight MASTER C+ 2020 Kiteboard"



  • ?  Super lightweight performance freestyle and freeride twin tip

  • ?  3D shaped Paulownia wood core for an outstanding flex pattern

  • ?  Spread Tow Carbon lamination for a precise and responsive ride

  • ?  Rail steps and multi channels for control and speed

  • ?  Multi-stage rocker for better pop and smooth landings

  • ?  Heavy-duty plywood block inserts

  • ?  Glossy UV resistant top deck for long lasting durability

  • ?  45 mm G10 fins come included

/ DESIGN Vision

In the last two years, the Master’s freestyle and big air design was widely successful. Riders praised the amazing pop for technical tricks and the extreme control in heavy storms and after landing radical loops. To stay true to those features and also to emphasize the freeride characteristics, we translated the design to an all carbon construction. Using aerospace grade Spread Tow Carbon, we managed to make the Master our lightest board in the lineup, brimming with technology and superior craftsmanship. Board expert Franz Schitzhofer was given full rein to make this board stand out in every situation. It has a performance-oriented flex pattern that is ultra comforting to the knees, it is incredibly dynamic, easy to control and dashing fast. The Master C+ is a pure joy to ride.


Space grade Spread Tow Carbon boosts performance of this beauty.


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