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Produkte von KA SAILS



Since 25 years KA Sail has been at the forefront of developing windsurfing sails that deliver great performance and serious fun for riders of all abilities.




Stay in the lead as designers of high quality, high performance products. We want our customers to have as much fun as we have. We will never make a sail that you won’t like and we will back that up all the way!



We believe in potential, not in limits. That is why we pursue technological and aesthetic perfection through continuous innovation. Our passion for windsurfing and knowledge of high performance windsurfing technology is contained within every KA Sail designed product. We passionately believe in helping windsurfers of all skill levels to find more joy and success in windsurfing.


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KA Sails Kruze 2019
KA Sails Kruze 2019
Details MEET THE KA SAIL KRUZE! The main goal of our design team for the KRUZE was to produce an easy and affordable all-round Freeride crossover sail just for playing around in small waves or plain cruising on flat water. By means of...
220,00 €
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