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Moses Vento 75 Alu Hydrofoil

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  • MWVEnALu75
Der leichteste Einstieg in das Windfoilen zu einem Wahnsinnig fairen Preis. Das  Moses... mehr
Produktinformationen "Moses Vento 75 Alu Hydrofoil"

Der leichteste Einstieg in das Windfoilen zu einem Wahnsinnig fairen Preis.

Das Moses Hydrofoil • ONDA 75 Alu ab jetzt auch mit einem 75cm Alu Mast und das zu einem unschlagbaren Preis.

Das sagt Moses selber über ihre Alu Windsurf Foil Variante:

The easiest wind foil in the market at a very affordable price

Everyone who tried the new Vento Alu 75 with the 790 is impressed how easy that foil flies and crazy how early you fly with that big wing!

Designed to plane early with no effort, an ultra stable foil that performs incredibly well in light to medium wind for beginners to intermediate wind foilers.

Cruising, carving, wave riding in small waves, the Vento 85 does everything with amazing easy of use. Jibing has never been so easy.

Pro rider voice : “-The first feeling is super nice. It is so stable even when you go cross wind full power. You don’t have any lateral movement. The other good point of the this foil is that it has the capacity to stay high in the air even at super low speed, when you open the sail or wind drop. This is nice for customer with average level. Also it is by far the best foil that I rode to make easy planning jibe because it is super stable on the jibe and stay up in the air even if you don’t put your foot at the right place. Good job for that! “


Pack contents: 


  • 1 x MM075A Mast 75 Alu
  • 1 x MHW044 Tuttle Adaptor Kite Alu
  • 1 x MFS900A Fuselage 710 Alu
  • 1 x MW790 Front Wing 790mm
  • 1 x MS450 Stabilizer 450mm
  • all hardware
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