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Eleveight HCS+ V1 Foil 2020

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/ PERFORMANCE Features ?   Progressive Freeride Foil ?... mehr
Produktinformationen "Eleveight HCS+ V1 Foil 2020"



  • ?  Progressive Freeride Foil

  • ?  Accessible wing design suitable for all levels

  • ?  Front wing with medium to low aspect ratio for intuitive performance

  • ?  60 cm mast

  • ?  Carbon composite front wing with top mounting

  • ?  Quick connect technology

  • ?  Durable G10 Stabilizer

  • ?  Includes travel bag

/ DESIGN Vision

Our brand new HCS+ hydrofoil makes foiling accessible to everyone. The 60 cm mast with a top-mounted carbon composite front wing and G10 stabilizer offers incredible control for swift progression. This rapid progression does not come at the price of performance loss. If anything, the HCS+ slits through water in staggering speed, providing a maximum of maneuverability. We recommend this wing to anybody looking to get started with foiling as well as for schools, as the construction is ultra durable and success comes on the fly.


We designed the HCS+ to accelerate your foiling progression in the safest way possible.


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