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Eleveight Carvair V1 Foilboard 2020

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/ PERFORMANCE Features ?   Freeride foil board for versatile riding... mehr
Produktinformationen "Eleveight Carvair V1 Foilboard 2020"



  • ?  Freeride foil board for versatile riding

  • ?  Low volume for easy handling

  • ?  Light, durable and stiff carbon composite construction with direct board feedback

  • ?  Chamfering rail design for less water catching when carving

  • ?  Double density deck pad for exceptional comfort and injury prevention

  • ?  4 x 4 track mount system with adjustable foil positioning

  • ?  Inserts for different foot strap options

  • ?  Lightweight adjustable straps included

/ DESIGN Vision

The Carvair is the ultimate control station for our HCS and HCS+ foil wings. This board is made to carve, hence we came up with an innovative rail design that prevents catching waters in tight turns. Its low volume carbon composite construction guarantees a smooth and easy ride while offering maximum performance with a direct power transfer. A double density deck pad prevents injuries and provides a soft but sure stance. The Carvair is the perfect choice for progressing riders as well as experts.


The Carvair was designed as an all-round board with a very durable construction which helps the riders to progress in foiling.


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