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  • HFWG-1200-V2-75
GRAVITY   1200 The F-ONE GRAVITY 1200 wing is entirely dedicated to surfing on a foil .... mehr
Produktinformationen "F-ONE GRAVITY 1200 FOIL"


The F-ONE GRAVITY 1200 wing is entirely dedicated to surfing on a foil.

  • Easy progressive lift
  • Maximum maneuverability
  • Perfect balance between speed and turning

Area : 1200 cm²
Aspect Ratio : 3.2


Its design is a significant evolution from our previous 1200 wing.

  • Optimized connection with our integrated Titan Connection especially developed for larger wings
  • new and thicker section profile for an early and very progressive lift-off
  • evolution of the arch and rake of the wing to best combine maneuverability and control

Design targets ease of use to surf and carve some lines:

  • Early lift for take-off
  • Easy entry into the turns for some intuitive lines
  • Perfect maneuverability allowing sharp turns
  • Total speed control to master your surf

Targeted at people who want a wing to foil on a variety of waves from small and mellow to taller and faster.

Very fluid through the turns, allowing to draw tight or long curves with good speed control and good pumping to go after the next wave.

Built with pre-preg carbon for the best weight to strength ratio, with a super light core.

Titan Connection: the wing connects directly to the mast via the Titan mast foot and the fuselage is split in two parts in order to simplify transportation. This setup offers better load transmission and better stiffness throughout the different parts for maximum control.


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