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GA-Kites Sly

GA-Kites Sly
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  • GA-Sly-58
SLY WAVE   When you want full control and maximum range this classic outline and... mehr
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When you want full control and maximum range this classic outline and rocker combo guarantee solid performance. Made to be ridden strapless the board still comes with inserts if you need them. A double concave deck lets you know where your stance is at all times.

The fast rocker line holds you in to hollow waves and lets you carve radical turns with speed! This board craves mid- large sized waves with best surf performance.


SLY 6.4

In addition to our successful Sly 5.8 we found the need to add a larger model to our wave line up. The Sly 6.4 as the same general characteristics as its smaller brother but we packed in more volume to suite larger riders and avid surfers that will be able to now use one board in the waves with kites or just paddle out and catch the great sets on windless days. Conservative in shape it has the single in double concave shape that Nils was the first to design on surfboards. Its revolutionary plaining surface creates a second to none feeling and control in waves. While reducing the overall rocker line that final tail kick still provides the ultimate turning radius. The flatter mid section enables you to get upwind and catch that next wave faster and adds speed to your ride.



  • Thruster Future Fins
  • 3x Future fins



  • 1 Nonskid, Artwork, Paint
  • 2 Glass Cloth
  • 3 Bamboo Wood
  • 4 Fiberglass
  • 5 Fiberglass / Wood Reinforcement
  • 6 Bullet Proof EPS Core


Nils Stolzlechner

The top of the line quality glass fiber sandwich construction is reinforced with wood on the deck and hull in stressed areas.

All other stress zones get extra layers of glass to keep the boards tough. Fin shapes have been enhanced for less drag. The progressive rails allow powerful carving turns on this thruster set up. The option for straps is built in to give you the most of it.



  Length Thickness Width Stance (min/max) Weight* Volume Fins Fin Box
Sly 5.8 172.7 cm 5.8 cm 49 cm 63/80 3.5 kg 26.7 3x Future V2FEA 3x Future Box
Sly 6.4 193 cm 5.7 cm 50 cm 63/80 3.9 kg 28.3 3x Future V2FEA 3x Future Box

* Estimated Weights.  Weights are given (+) plus or (-) minus 10%. This makes allowance for possible pre-production differences.

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