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GA-Kites Flash

GA-Kites Flash
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  • GA-Flash-56
FLASH WAVE   For side-onshore conditions most notable in the European sector, the... mehr
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For side-onshore conditions most notable in the European sector, the FLASH boards are purpose built to get moving quickly. The conservative continuous curve rocker line enables forgiveness when required. The relatively narrow tail section combined with the slight double concave bottom shape give this board a smooth ride that turns when you tell it to.

The wider outline offers stability to all riders at any level. A traditional winger tail generates more surface area giving the board extra lift and control in between turns. This unique blend of surf inspired rocker line and wide mid point outline equals perfect performance.

This series of boards comes with 5mm pads and insert options that allow all riders to find a comfortable stance. We use the Futures Fins system and their high performance fins to make sure you have the ultimate wave riding experience.

The FLASH range continues to innovate and progress while pushing the envelope to find the perfect balance for ripping in small to medium sized waves for anyone seeking some adrenaline.



  • Thruster Future Fins
  • 3x Future fins



  • 1 Nonskid, Artwork, Paint
  • 2 Glass Cloth
  • 3 Bamboo Wood
  • 4 Fiberglass
  • 5 PVC
  • 6 Fiberglass Reinforcement
  • 7 Bullet Proof EPS Core



Nils Stolzlechner

A wider stance set up as well as more volume increases the boards performance range. The winger tail shapes allows for a wider outline that keeps the turns powerful and fast.

The optimized rocker line gives you speed when you want it, getting you back upwind with quick planing characteristics.

The top of the line quality glass fiber sandwich construction is reinforced with wood on the deck and hull in stressed areas. All other stress zones get extra layers of glass to keep the boards tight.



  Length Thickness Width Stance (min/max) Weight* Volume Fins Fin Box
Flash 5.6 167.6 cm 5.2 cm 49.1 cm 63/76 3.8 kg 25.5 3x Future S4 3x Future Box
Flash 5.8 172.7 cm 5.7 cm 50.3 cm 63/76 3.9 kg 28.2 3x Future S6 3x Future Box
Flash 6.1 185.4 6.4 cm 52.5 cm 63/80 4.0 kg 35.9 3x Future V2FEA 3x Future Box

* Estimated Weights.  Weights are given (+) plus or (-) minus 10%. This makes allowance for possible pre-production differences.


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