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Eleveight Escape Pro V2 2020 Kiteboard

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/ PERFORMANCE Features ●   Progressive no-nose shape for strapless... mehr
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  • ●  Progressive no-nose shape for strapless freestyle and surf

  • ●  CFT construction that generates a pure surf feel

  • ●  Carbon stringer for responsive flex and durability

  • ●  Innegra/carbon vector grid reinforcements for enhanced durability

  • ●  Short rail line to minimize drag and faster rotations

  • ●  Thruster fin set-up with Futures system

  • ●  High-performance board shaped by hand (no inserts for straps)

  • ●  Ideal for strapless freestyle and small to medium waves

/ CHANGES for 2020

  • ●  New carbon stringer for better flex

  • ●  Additional top of biaxial fibreglass for increased durability

  • ●  A new color of the surfboard blanks

  • ●  Reinforced fin boxes for enhanced longevity

  • ●  Redefined rail, optimized for grab tricks

/ DESIGN Vision

The Escape Pro is a fierce strapless board handmade in Portugal, optimized for freestyle and wave riding. Its progressive noseless shape with short rails is based on a premium medium density PU-core, and comes encased by innovative techmaterials. The extraordinary CFT construction maximizes the board’s flex and feedback, generating the distinctive surf-feel of a professional board. A carbon stringer and an Innegra/carbon vector grip enhance the durability by keeping a responsive flex. It is the perfect board to stomp strapless freestyle tricks or throw some serious spray on small to medium sized waves. Escape your limitations and unleash your potential.


The Escape Pro is hand made with our innovative CFT construction. It offers a responsive flex with great pop and lift, while it still has a dam good surf feel. 


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