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Eleveight IGNITION V1 2020 Kiteboard

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  • ETTIGN18150
/ PERFORMANCE Features ●   Progressive Freeride twin tip with excellent... mehr
Produktinformationen "Eleveight IGNITION V1 2020 Kiteboard"



  • ●  Progressive Freeride twin tip with excellent lightwind performance

  • ●  Lightweight Paulownia wood core for balanced flex and durability

  • ●  Early planing for light wind fun and heavier riders

  • ●  Single concave for more lift and control

  • ●  Reinforced inserts used in snowboard construction

  • ●  Ultra-durable top sheet with UV resistance

  • ●  Airgo pads and straps

  • ●  45mm G10 fins

/ DESIGN Vision

The Ignition will spark anyone’s love for kiteboarding. The beginner-friendly progression twin tip incorporates leading technology that comes with a long list of features and advantages. Most prominently: the outstanding planing and upwind performance which makes it a favorite for schools and heavy riders in light wind. This is achieved by the board’s elaborate but straightforward outline and bottom shape. The Paulownia wood core and top sheet design deliver a flex pattern that provides direct feedback to the rider, ensuring a smooth ride and full control even in rough conditions. The board is built extra sturdy and always fun to ride. It forms the perfect symbiosis with the PS, our recommended tools to accelerate any riders progression. All in all, the Ignition is the perfect companion from the first meters ridden till stomping technical freeride tricks.


Everything is difficult before it gets easy – the Ignition eleveights your way.


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